First Priority

2019 is a year of transition for our family.

God has shifted us from working with YWAM KC to working with First Priority (FP, for short.)

FP's goal is to see the Hope of Christ in Every Student! City coordinators with FP equip students to start evangelistic bible clubs in their middle and high schools. This is accomplished by including pastors/youth pastors, parents, teachers, local business leaders, and (of course) STUDENTS! FP has been around since the 90's, and their model is proven to work.

Jonathan is now the City Coordinator for First Priority Kansas City. This is the first FP chapter to open in Missouri or Kansas. Jonathan helped facilitate the starting of a club last year but he didn't have the FP model then. Now, he has a system. The goal is to start five clubs in the south KC area this September.

Jonathan's on track for accomplishing this goal.

This is an excited development for us. We continue to remain open to whatever future God has for us in all areas of our lives. Jesus is Lord, and he gives us our marching orders. Please pray for clarity/wisdom and effeciency during this time of transition and launching a new ministry. Thank you!