Who's Killing Us?

The young people of our world are hurting. They are desperate for love and significance. They want something worth living for. Some might even have an idea of who Jesus is but don’t have a deep relationship with him. Some are closed off and bitter, but other youth are open to help. Where’s the help? And is the “help” bringing truth?

Teen Suicide is at an all-time high in our nation. In our city of Kansas City, it’s skyrocketing. One school district across the state line from us is giving out free trigger locks for guns so students can’t shoot themselves. They are trying to keep suicide from happening but that’s not treating the root of it. The district where this is happening is actually the richest county in the state of Kansas!

In short, we are killing ourselves as a culture.

Money doesn’t provide us significance. Physiologists can’t “fix” us. Even the best laws can’t produce a change of heart. The Old Testament teaches us this.

The only answer to this horrible problem is Jesus. He gives us joy and purpose in life. Yes, life on this fallen world is hard, there’s no way around it. But we were made for a perfect world, and Jesus is restoring that. There’s hope, and that story needs to be told. Who’s going to tell it? We are! Those who follow Jesus!

Christians can and should be equipped to share the gospel with teenagers. Teens can and should be trained to share Jesus’s love and truth with others in their schools.

But so many students and adults don’t know how to share Jesus with people. This needs to be fixed, and we’re fixing in it as much as we can.

Our goal in call2all America is to have every school (and even every student) be “adopted” by belivers who will pray, care, and share Jesus’s love.

At YWAM KC, our Infusion summer camp equips students to start Jesus clubs in their schools.

I’m very happy that our congregation, Evangel, has adopted our local school district. Through that partnership, I’ve started a mentorship with a high school student.

I'm strongly interceeding for this generation of young people to be presented with Jesus, the authentic Jesus, so they can choose for themselves to follow or deny the truth. Denial kills us, as we see. Jesus is the ONLY one who brings TRUE LIFE!